Nepal Heritage Documentation Project

The Nepal Heritage Documentation Project (NHDP) provides equipment and synergises expertise for extensive heritage documentation fieldwork in Nepal. In Germany, the NHDP is based on the cooperation of two academic institutions: the Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies (HCTS) and the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (HAdW). Key partner and representatives in Nepal are the Department of Archaeology of the Government of Nepal and the Saraf Foundation of Himalayan Traditions and Culture.

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DANAM allows users to explore its data and specify targeted queries in various ways:
  • The basic search function uses a full-text search of all the material that is available in the datasets.
  • Short summaries of the monuments are found on the left bar.
  • For targeted search queries, the platform offers an advanced search module with an option to compose specific combinations of filters.
  • Street and satellite maps indicate geospatial information of monuments as well as related resources.
  • Please note that it is not possible to sort the monuments alphabetically.
  • You can also search to find all monuments in a certain area or build in certain period area …

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Please note that DANAM is currently under development and its datasets are continuously reviewed and completed. The layout for the user side is not finalized. Some of the terms in indigenous languages still require standardization; a glossary is under preparation.